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Quality and precision are our forte. We do our job in a way that there are no defects and faults in our products. We keep our customers first, adhering to every suggestion and requirement specified by them. We make sure to take precautionary steps and repeated quality checks at each and every step of product making:
Wax Injection - The casting process starts with injecting wax in to dies for production of wax patterns. Our accurate machinery makes sure that the wax patterns have exact dimensions of the required finished castings, also keeping in mind that it is subjected to shrinkage.
Pattern Assembly – All wax patterns are then assembled to one or more runners that are attached to pouring cups. We call this compilation a tree or cluster.
Shelling – Now the tree or cluster are dipped in to different types of ceramic slurry. We carry out this process repeatedly until we achieve the desired shell thickness.
Dewaxing - The coated cluster is then placed in a high temperature furnace. It leads to the melting of the wax and subsequently running out, leaving behind a baked ceramic shell in the shape of the desired casting.
Casting – Using the right amount of vacuum, pressure and centrifugal force, we pour in the molds with molten metals.
Cleaning & Fettling- Ceramic slurry is finally removed by knocking and the casted components are extracted by either plasma cutting torch or by cutt off wheels.
Finishing – We clean each component through gates by grinding and then polishing by Shot/ Sand blasting.
Inspection – Castings are then ready for final testing and dimensional checks. Our technicians and researchers check all products for strength, durability, chemical composition, surface finish and other important aspects before the final dispatching.


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