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Avi Vacuum Cast Alloy


We have an able team of individuals who are experts in various industrial domains. These experts making full use of the modern, technologically advanced machinery in our foundry produce the highest quality castings in various grades- Alloys 20, CA15, CA40, R55, HRCS, HC and HX grade casting. Our departments are equipped with the following machinery to ensure smooth production:Melt Department: 100 Kilogram, Medium Frequency Induction Melting FurnaceMolding Department: Green Sand Molding, Dry Sand Molding, CO/ No- bake molding, Molasses sand molding, Shell moldingThough we specialize in developing casting products, we also provide a number of value- added services to meet complete casting needs and other growing industry requirements.•    The casting process starts from making of patterns, and we provide complete pattern design assistance.•    We offer solidification analysis to optimize foundry methods prior to casting difficult parts.•    We provide our customers with metallurgical services like quality check test lab facility for chemical tests, hardness check, ultrasound, Physical Properties test, micro test or special module counts.•    A full range of heat treatment services are provided by us to ascertain the real applicable value of metals. These include relieving full annealing and normalizing.•    For removing extra sand particles, for removing burs and cutting runner riser mark, Shot Blasting & Fetting services are provided. Grinder and chezzles are used for this purpose.•    We provide tailor made compositions developed in the required composition and specification for our valuable customers.


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