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Frequently Asked Questions

For Suppliers:

By registering your company with RightProcure, you get access to our global buyers' database that can in turn help your company generate qualified business leads from buyers all over the globe.

  • By virtue your listing in relevant categories on the RightProcure directories, you can start receiving business enquiries from buyers interested in your product.
  • RightProcure provides you with the fastest way for identifying right buyers and sellers for your products.
  • You are eligible to receive Email Alerts that make it easier for your company to track all lead postings and responses relevant to your business and products.
  • Receive/send enquiries without having to refill your company information every time you use the RightProcure platform.
For Buyers:

RightProcure has an exhaustive list of Indian manufacturers that ensures that every need of a buyer is met with utmost efficiency

  • Quality assurance in all products
  • Wider marketplace and diverse supplier portfolios to choose from
  • Suppliers have been audited for authenticity and product & manufacturing quality
  • Confirmed response within three working days.

Registering with RightProcure is free and easy:

  • Visit www.rightprocure.com
  • Click on 'Join Free'
  • Fill up required details
  • Click on 'Create My Account'
  • While the registration is being processed, you can start using the services and features of RightProcure.

    The user registration process has been designed as an extremely simple process in order to eliminate the possibility of a technical error. However, if you are facing a problem in registering yourself, please retry after refreshing the page in your browser, or after clearing out the browser's cache. If the problem persists, you can report the problem to customercare@rightprocure.com

    RightProcure's comprehensive privacy policy ensures the discretion of all its registered users. Additionally, in every transaction, the secrecy of intellectual properties is maintained by the involved parties (that includes RightProcure as well) entering into a tripartite NDA.

    RightProcure provides companies with the option to subscribe to Email Alerts. This feature makes it easy to track all trade lead postings and responses relevant to your business and products, by sending regular alerts to the registered users via email.

    An effective tool to negotiate better pricing from supplier. Read in detail under Online Bidding Section.

    Online bidding offers buyers with an opportunity to compare a number of market prices by various suppliers on the RightProcure portal and negotiate heavily during a bidding session. All the product related information required is neatly displayed on the website, so bidders can read all the necessary information before deciding to participate in the particular bidding session. It leaves the buyer with a wide range of options, because of which the buyer is able to get the best possible quote for their procurement requirements. Apart from that, being an online portal, it also provides easy accessibility as an inventory can easily be managed online and upon sale the product can be shipped to the buyer.

    RightProcure has a team of highly qualified and skilled team of Engineers and B2B experts at the helm to help buyers select the right supplier, audit their manufacturing capabilities, conduct quality audits, negotiate the right price and production time lines and ensure hassle free dispatches to the suppliers. Advantages:

    • Helps buyers select the right Indian suppliers
    • Takes care of auditing the supplier's manufacturing capabilities
    • Conducting quality audits
    • Feedback and reporting in the form of well drafted reports for various audits conducted
    • Negotiating the right price and production time-lines
    • Ensuring hassle free dispatches to the buyers
    • Make sure that the client feedback is acted upon clearly and swiftly
    • Reporting in the form of well drafted reports for various audits conducted, quotes received from selected suppliers and other due diligence that is carried out at the supplier end
    • Secrecy of intellectual properties is maintained by entering into a tripartite NDA

    For online bidding, the buyer first needs to post a product inquiry on the portal. The buyer will then receive quotes from various suppliers; if the buyer then wishes to invite the suppliers for an online bidding they will follow the following steps :

    • Login
    • Pay bidding fee and a refundable security amount
    • Select suppliers
    • Define date, time, bidding period
    • Portal creates login passwords for the selected suppliers and sends it in a mail advising them of the online bidding
    • Portal sends a reminder to all involved 15 minutes prior to bidding
    • Suppliers can revise quotes and times till bidding period is over
    • After the bidding, supplier with lowest bid wins and is informed of the same
    • Once a winner has been found, the buyer must complete the order within a set number of days, otherwise, the portal will forfeit their security amount
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