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The fast and efficient services of RightProcure's highly adept team ensure that every query receives a confirmed response within three working days.

A focused platform for your Queries for procurement of engineering components

RightProcure's exhaustive database of Indian manufacturers ensures that every need of a buyer is met with utmost efficiency; it provides buyers with a wider marketplace as well as diverse portfolios to choose from.

Access to Indian suppliers

Each and every supplier that provides their products and services on the platform has been audited thoroughly for authenticity and product and manufacturing quality. With stringent manufacturing process auditing, RightProcure ensures the best services in terms of quality and quantity.

Online Bidding

Online Bidding offers buyers with an opportunity to compare a number of market prices by various suppliers on the RightProcure portal and negotiate heavily during a bidding session. All the product related information required is neatly displayed on the website, so bidders can read all the necessary information before deciding to participate in the particular bidding session. It leaves the buyer with a wide range of options, because of which the buyer is able to get the best possible quote for their procurement requirements.


Primarily focused on providing global buyers with a one-stop-shop platform for all their engineering part and component needs and with an exhaustive database of Indian Manufacturing companies that provide buyers with customized parts and components, RightProcure is one of India's dedicated B2B online marketplaces catering to engineering component procurement needs. Helping connect global buyers with Indian Suppliers, RightProcure provides companies with the global exposure that they need to flourish. RightProcure provides a global window for all India based manufacturers, allowing them to showcase their quality, manufacturing infrastructure and expertise, thereby providing buyers with a plethora of options when it comes to their procurement requirements. RightProcure has a team of highly qualified and skilled team of Engineers and B2B experts at the helm that facilitates the following tasks: -

  1. Help buyers select the right Indian suppliers
  2. Take care of auditing the supplier's manufacturing capabilities
  3. Conducting quality audits
  4. Negotiating the right price and production time-lines
  5. Ensuring hassle free dispatches to the buyers
  6. Make sure that the client feedback is acted upon clearly and swiftly
  7. Setting up virtual purchase office
  8. Reporting in the form of well drafted reports for various audits conducted, quotes received from selected suppliers and other due diligence that is carried out at the supplier end

For Suppliers

RightProcure provides Indian manufacturers and suppliers with the much needed exposure to global buyers. The platform provided by RightProcure allows suppliers to showcase their products and services online, while they are provided with visibility at a global level.

Getting Queries

With an exhaustive database of global buyers, queries are a benefit provided by RightProcure. There are a number of organizations on the lookout for good quality products and RightProcure forms the platform where the buyer and supplier might meet online.

Authentic Leads

All buyers at RightProcure have been authenticated by the platform's stringent auditing policies. Suppliers have the option to obtain the buyer catalogue from RightProcure at a very nominal cost. Suppliers also have the option to also buy leads as per their requirements. This part of RightProcure's services ensures that the suppliers receive authenticated buyer details as well as their procurement details.

Getting More Business

As a result of the global exposure provided by RightProcure, companies can see a definite increase in their business volume with RightProcure's consultancy services and procurement of genuine leads.

Platform for global exposure and establishing a foothold in the global marketplace

Global visibility has become a prerequisite for business these days. In the business world where competition grows tougher at every level, a global outlook has become a prerequisite for a business to flourish. RightProcure provides suppliers with a comprehensive solution for the business enterprises to be able to promote their services and products online while simultaneously appealing to global buyers.

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