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Various form of Casting

A manufacturing process which involves pouring liquid material into molds to form a desired shape is commonly known as casting. The molds employed in casting have a hollow cavity of any desired shape, in which the liquid material is poured and allowed to solidify.
The solidified part is also known as a casting, which is ejected or broken out of the mold to complete the process. Casting can be done in various metals and Alloys. Castings providedby Right Procure at the most competitive prices in India,can range in size from a few grams to several tones, shape complexity from simple to intricately complex, and order size ranging from one-off to that for mass production.
The desired dimensional accuracy and surface finish at the manufacturing units in India can be achieved by the choice of process and its control. Castings enable many pieces to be combined into one single part, completely eliminating assembly and inventory and reducing costs by 50% or more compared to machined parts.
Today, castings are used in virtually all walks of life. The following is a partial list of applications, with the transport sector and heavy equipment taking up over 50% of castings produced

In Transport: automobiles, railways, shipping, and aerospace industries
Heavy equipment that are used in farming, mining or construction
Tools utilized in casting, machining, forging, plastics molding, forming, and extrusion
Machinery used in variousthermal, steel, textile, sugar paper, petroleum, and chemical plants
For artillery, vehicles, munitions, supporting equipment and storage in defence
In generators, motors, compressors and pumps in electrical machines
Pipes, valves, joints and fittings in various municipal castings
Appliances, furniture and fittings, kitchen and gardening equipment used in homes
For art objects like idols, sculptures, decorative items, furniture, lamp stands, etc.
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