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Gravity Casting

The method of gravity die casting is best suited for instances where the required quantities are relatively small or the heat treatment performed is required for improving the mechanical properties of the products. Unlike processes followed at die casting units, the process of gravity die casting results in the finished products having better tolerances and surface finish. However, compared to sand casting units in India, the tooling costs for gravity die casting are a little higher.
When required in small and medium quantities, the use of sand cores makes it possible to manufacture complicated items in a rather cost effective way. Tanks for air conditioning systems, valves for flow systems, and air intake components for diesel engines are some of the most common products that are manufactured by gravity die casting. Typically, these products are optimized for liquid or gas flow, and have curved inner shapes, which are giver relatively good surface quality and close tolerances using the shell sand cores.

Good dimensional accuracy
Smooth cast surfaces
Thinner walls can be cast as compared to sand
Inserts can be cast-in (such as threaded inserts, heating elements, and high strength bearing surfaces).
Mitigates or completely negates the need for secondary machining operations.
Rapid production rates.
Casting tensile strength is higher than sand casting.

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