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Low Presure Die Casting

Low Pressure Die casting units in India use metal that is transferred from an air tight furnace to reach a temperature of about 750 C, through a rising tube and into a metallic casting tool.
The method of low pressure die casting is a rather competitive casting method, useful for when production quantitiesare relatively small. In low pressure die casting, the heat treatment is in fact used to improve mechanical properties of the produced parts.

Fair production rates up to 30/Hr
Thin wall thickness possible (2-3mm)
Better linear tolerances than gravity casting
Surface finish improved on gravity casting, but not up to pressure diecasting standards
High yields possible as runners and risers not required
Reduced finishing if required
Pour free castings are obtainable
Sand cores may still be used to allow complex castings
Die costs far lower than for pressure diecasting
Castings are heat treatable

Low Presure Die Casting Suppliers from India

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