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Shell Moulding

Shell molding units in India follow the process ofShell mold casting or shell molding, which is a metal casting process in which the mold is essentially a thin hardened shell of sand and thermosetting resin binder, backed up by some other material.
Shell molding came into being as a manufacturing process during the mid-20th century in Germany. These shell molding unitsare particularly suitable for steel castings less than 20 lbs.; however almost any metal that can be cast in sand can be cast with at the shell molding process. Also, much larger parts have been manufactured at shell molding units in India as well. Typical parts manufactured in industry using the shell mold casting process include cylinder heads, gears, bushings, connecting rods, camshafts and valve bodies.

Good surface quality
High rough casting dimensional accuracy
Thin wall thickness even in complex castings
Less manpower and molding skill requirements

Shell Moulding Suppliers from India

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