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Hot Extrusion

A hot working process, hot extrusion is done above a material's recrystallization temperature. This keeps the material from hardening and therefore easier to push the material through the die. Most horizontal hydraulic presses used in hot metal extrusion units in India range from 230 to 11,000 metric tons, with pressures ranging from 30 to 700 MPa (4,400 to 101,500 psi).
The high pressures used make it necessary for lubricants like oil or graphite to be used for lower temperature extrusions or glass powder for higher temperature extrusions to be used. The cost for machinery and the upkeep are some of the best advantages of this process.
Hot extrusion is an economic process when the production ranges from several kilograms (pounds) and many tons (also depending on the material being extruded). There of course comes a crossover point where roll forming becomes much more economical as compared to hot extrusion.

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