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Net Shape forging

Net shape forging or precision forging is a process that was originally developed for waste and cost reduction that is associated with post-forging operations; keeping that in mind, the final product from a net shape forging unit needs minimal or no final machining. Less material usage, consequentially less scrap, reduction or elimination of machining as well as the overall decrease in the energy used, leads to significant cost saving. However, this process is implemented only if a significant amount of cost reduction can be achieved.
If the basic forging process disciplines are not met, subsequent material removal operations will likely be required to remove any material defects that are found at non-destructive testing inspections.
Examples of disciplines of net shape forging units in India are: die-lubricant management (Use of uncontaminated and homogeneous mixtures, amount and placement of lubricant) andtight control of die temperatures and surface finish / friction.

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