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Press Forging

The process of press forging is different than that of drop-hammer forging, as instead of the near-instantaneous impact of drop-hammer forging, press forging uses a continuously applied pressure. Press forging is a method that can be done as either a hot or a cold method.
Compared to drop-hammer forging, press forging has an advantage that it can deform the complete work piece, rather than just the surfaces that are in contact with the hammer and anvil, as is the case of drop hammer forging. Another advantage of press forging that can be counted is that the process allows us to gain knowledge of the strain rate of the new part.
As the compression rate of the press forging operation is controlled, we can specifically know about the kind of strain that can be put on the part. When done for high productivity rates, the press forging units in India tend to be much more economical than the hammer forging units. In the process of hammer forging, a lot of the work is absorbed by the machinery, while in case of press forging a greater percentage of work is used on the work piece itself. Besides creating closer tolerances, as there is no limit to the size of the press forging machine, the process can be used to create parts of any size.
Various types of forging including open-die and impression-die forging can be performed in press forging units in India.

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