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Injection Molding

Injection moulding is a type of manufacturing process that uses moulding. In this process, the material is injected into the mould. The most common materials that are used in this process are thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers. Other materials that are suitable for this process include confections, elastomers, glasses and metals. The raw material is put into a heated barrel, mixed and then forced into the mould, where the material then cools and hardens.
It is usually an industrial designer or an engineer that designs the desired product. Then it falls to the mould makers in India (or toolmakers) to form the mould. The moulds are made from metals (most commonly either steel or aluminium) and are precision-machined in order to form the desired features. Injection moulding in India is a widely used process that can manufacture products ranging from the smallest of components to entire body panels for cars.
Theversatility of injection moulding in India is facilitated by the breadth of design considerations and possibilities that are available. The raw materials that are used in the process, the shape and features that are desired from the final product, the materials used to make the mould as well as the properties of the moulding machine must all be taken into account when deciding on the parts that are to be manufactured using injection moulding.
Injection moulding in India is used to create many things such as wire spools, packaging, bottle caps, automotive parts and components, Gameboys, pocket combs, musical instruments, chairs and small tables, storage containers, mechanical parts, and most other plastic products available today. Injection moulding is the most common modern method of manufacturing parts; it is ideal for producing high volumes of the same object.

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