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Rapid Prototyping

RP or rapid prototyping is a group of techniques that is used to fabricate scale models of parts or assembly. RP uses three-dimensional computer aided design (CAD) data in its process. Rapid Prototyping is sometimes also referred to as solid free-form manufacturing, layered manufacturing, and computer automated manufacturing. RP models can be used for testing or to create male models for tooling.
The advantages of Rapid Prototyping are
Increasing effective communication
Decreasing time of development
Eliminating costly mistakes
Minimizing sustaining engineering changes.
Helps in extending the product lifetime as necessary features can be added and redundant features can be eliminated early in the design.

Rapid Prototyping units in India allow for corrections to be made to a product early in the process, thereby decreasing development time. Purchasers, marketers, manufacturers and engineers involved in a product can get an early look at the product, and mistakes can be corrected and changes made while they are still inexpensive.

Rapid Prototyping Suppliers from India

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