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Sand Casting

Sand casting or sand molded casting is a process for casting metal, the defining characteristic of which is the use of sand as the mold material. Objects produced at sand casting units in India are also referred to as “sand castings”. A relatively cheap and a sufficiently refractory method, sand casting is the preferred process even in steel foundries. In sand casting, a suitable bonding agent (usually clay) is used along with the sand.
The mixture is then moistened typically with water, but at some times, in order to increase the strength and plasticity of the mixture, other solvents might also be used. A system of frames or mold boxes is used to contain the sand, forming a mold. Cavities and gate systems in the mold are then created by compacting the sand mixture around models or patterns, or are directly carved into the sand.

Can produce very large parts
Can form complex shapes
Multiple material options
Low equipment and tooling cost
Scrap can be recycled
Short lead time possible

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