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Sheet metal embossing is a process that is used to produce sunken or raised relief or designs in a sheet metal work piece. This process can be conducted by using either by passing the work piece between rolls of the desired pattern or buy using matched male and female roller dies. Foil stamping is often used in conjunction with embossing and creates a shiny 3D effect.
Different patterns or designs can be made on sheet metal, depending on the roller dies that are used. The combination and the pressure of heat help to iron the metal while it raises the level of the image higher than the substrate to make it smooth. “Impressing” is referred to as the process, when the pattern is lowered into the metal’s surface, as opposed to being raised.
Mostly in the process of pressure embossing, the upper roll blocks remain stationary, while the movements are done by the bottom roll blocks. The pressure applied by the bottom roll is referred to as its tonnage capacity.
Embossing machines used in surface treatment units in India are normally sized and provide 2” of strip clearance on either side of the engraved embossing roll. There are no industry-standard widths, as most embossing machines are custom-manufactured. The machines can range from producing patterns less than 6” wide all the way up to 70”+ wide patterns.

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