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Electrostatic Powder Coating

Electrostatic coating is a manufacturing process undertaken by Powder coating units in Indiathat employcharged particles to more efficiently paint a workpiece. Paint, in the form of either powdered particles or atomized liquid, is initially projected towards a conductive workpiece using normal spraying methods, and is then accelerated toward the work piece by a powerful electrostatic charge.
Reasons to Powder Coat Your Products:
Economics – The economic benefits of powder coating are numerous but the largest benefit has to do with efficiency and overspray. The average transfer efficiency of powder coating is 60-70% and any over spray is a solid and can be reclaimed and re-used netting virtually no wasted product. With liquid paint you have a transfer efficiency of 30-35%, roughly 50% of the product is evaporated and there is no possibility of reclaiming over spray. The base product for powder coating is also substantially cheaper than wet paint.
Safety – The safe application of powder coating on a work piece requires a number of precautionary measures in order to avoid breathing in the powder or getting it on the skin. This is an easier task to manage since the product is a solid and inert (it doesn’t pose a health risk when not being sprayed). During application it is recommended that you stay out of the application zone to avoid getting the product on your skin (because of the minimal overspray this is completely manageable). The product that is used in power coating is free of harmful chemicals like volatile organic compounds or solvents that are rather common in wet paint.
Environmental – Powder coating also has a number of environmental advantages. As no solvents or VOCs are present in the compound, the environment too is safe from damage during the application process, neither is the waste that is produced hazardous, and can be disposed without worry.
Harmful chemicals contained in wet paint have been proven to assist in ozone layer depletion and in the production of hazardous waste that requires appropriate disposal methods.
Mechanical – Coating that has been done through powder coating is generally twice as thick as compared to coating that has been done with wet paint. One of the main advantages of powder coating is the flexibility provided by it. Powder coating has the ability to yield and bend with the material that it is applied to. It also fares better with rock chips or other damage that can be caused by road travel.

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